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Mr.  Kermit  O
6th Grade Science Teacher
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Mr. O has been involved in education for over a decade, as a mentor, coach, tutor, and currently as a 6th Grade Science Teacher at Mendez Middle School. Ever since he was a student himself growing up in Philadelphia, he had an orientation towards justice, towards what was “right” or “fair”. He never accepted the old adage “life is unfair”, not uncritically. Because why can’t it be fair? Fairness to Kermit means equity, not equality, providing all students with what research and praxis point to as best serving their needs.

Mr. O's approach to teaching centers on culturally relevant pedagogy — a focus on academic excellence, cultural competence, and sociopolitical awareness — and how to integrate these practices with the Next Generation Science Standards and 21st Century Skills. He views science education as a form of currency and seeks to build interest in and access to science particularly amongst marginalized populations, as a means of helping to cultivate a more equitable future. For similar reasons, he is also committed to integrating technology into the science curriculum, to provide students with access to the broader world as digital citizens, and to grant them opportunities to continue learning outside the classroom.


Twitter: GTKermitO